Reasons You Are Having Trouble Achieving Financial Independence 

“Financial independence” can be defined as either living off of your compounding financial assets or earning a passive income that does not require day-to-day work.   

How Economic Downturns Can Be An Ideal Moment To Take A Risk 

Economic downturns are the ideal moments to take a risk and try something new. When you're trying new things, you're learning, and when you're learning, you're growing. Growth is essential during an economic downturn because it allows you to keep your mind open and flexible. 

The Protection Offered By Business Umbrella Insurance 

Business umbrella insurance provides an additional protection layer for companies. It's a supplement to other insurance policies and can help companies protect themselves from catastrophic losses. 

What Should I Do If I Can’t Get A Bank Account? 

A bank account is a necessity for most of us in the modern world, but gaining access to one is not always a piece of cake, and you might need to consider other options. 

The Key To Achieving Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) 

FIRE is a goal that has long been associated with financial independence and freedom. What does FIRE mean for you?

This Is How Long You Should Keep Your Financial And Tax Records 

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the thought of keeping financial and tax records for years. How long should you keep them? 


How To Build An Entrepreneurial Mindset  

Simple steps to take towards building an entrepreneurial mindset. These skills will benefit your business and help you in your daily life.  Simple steps to take towards building an entrepreneurial mindset. These skills will benefit your business and help you in your daily life.   


Avoid Financial Ruin Using The Barbell Investing Strategy   

If you're looking to invest your money, but don't have a lot of time or energy to spend on it, barbell investing might be the perfect strategy. We review how the barbell finance strategy can prevent financial ruin and can help you manage your finances. 


Advice On Recovering From A Financial Crisis 

Financial crises can strike up at any time and it is always important to have a contingency plan in mind so you know how to get out of it.  


Learn More About The Benefits Of Joining A Credit Union  

There are many benefits of joining a credit union, which is made for members and not driven by profits. You will find better rates for securing loans for cars and mortgages. 


Is It Possible To Remove PMI From Your Mortgage 

Private mortgage insurance (PMI) adds a lot of money to the overall cost of your house, but it is possible to remove PMI from your mortgage.  


How To Make Extra Money As A Mystery Shopper 

Mystery shoppers can earn a little extra money on the side. We review the process of becoming a mystery shopper and the benefits.


Low-Light Plants For The Home And Office

A nice accent piece for any home or office is a nice plant and we recommend some easy plants to take care of indoors in low-light settings with minimal maintenance. 


Mackenzie Scott's Multi-Billion Philanthropy Project

One woman is contributing more money tha the top philanthropy groups the Gates and Ford Foundations combined donating $8.57 billion to nonprofits over the last year.


The Fast Track To Becoming A Millionaire

People dream of becoming millionaires but only a few have the hard work and dedication required to build their net worth in the millions, we reveal the paths to becoming a millionaire


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