MacKenzie Scott’s Multi-Billion Philanthropy Project

MacKenzie Scott made history a part of the most expensive divorce in history, receiving a whopping $38 billion that contributed to a total net worth of $53 billion. Scott’s multi-billion-dollar net worth has resulted in her being the world’s third-richest woman behind the Walmart heiress Alice Walton with a $61.8 billion net worth and Bettencourt Meyers from the founding family of the cosmetics giant L’Oréal worth $73.6 billion according to Forbes.

Having billions in the bank can provide a lavish lifestyle. Still, it can also benefit many more people through philanthropy work, and Scott is setting an example of being a generous philanthropist. Scott has donated over $8.57 billion to many non-profit organizations, and a report by Bloomberg indicates her contribution history.

Scott’s solo contribution has donated more than the most prominent philanthropic groups, the Gates and Ford Foundations’ annual grants, combined within the last 12 months. So far, the Bloomberg report indicates Scott has donated 786 gifts to various organizations but was only able to track $4.3 billion in donations through 375 grants that disclosed the donation amount. Another factor in this study is to note that some organizations have received several contributions from Scott that could be counted as an individual gift.

The report indicates Scott has donated to organizations supporting religion, human services, environment, public, society benefits, international affairs, education, health, arts, and culture. Scott contributed $1.6 billion to education nonprofits, universities, colleges for Black institutions, Hispanic Serving Institutions, and two-year colleges.

Scott has also contributed $1 billion to the organization, including Goodwill and YMCA, supporting social assistance organizations that help feed and support those in need. Scott is also supportive of philanthropy and grantmaking infrastructure nonprofits focusing on the business of fundraising, philanthropy, and advocacy contributing $1.2 billion.

Though Scott has already contributed to help millions of people, it seems that she is just getting started with plans for more philanthropic ventures. Share your favorite charity in a comment below.