Low-Light Plants For The Home And Office

Having plants in the home and office adds a nice touch of color to any room, but some plants require a lot of light with limited options for darker rooms. Fortunately, some plants thrive in spaces with low light, so you can have a plant in any room of your home.
One plant that thrives in low-light spaces is the prayer plant that should avoid the cold (away from air conditioning vents or fans) and tolerate low light. Lucky bamboo isn’t only lucky, it’s a resilient plant that requires little care, similar to succulents, and can be kept in low- or high-light.
If you’re looking for a bigger low-light plant, you should consider the sago palm that looks like a miniature version of the palm trees that thrive in low-light settings. The variety of pothos plants come in a variety of colors and sizes, with the silver pothos being ideal for the home or office.
The silver pothos is a vining plant with heart-shaped leaves known for its unique-colored white and green leaves. The silver pothos leaves will change color depending on certain lighting, the leaves turn white in a brighter setting, and the leaves tend to stay green in a low-light environment.
One unique low-light plant with an adorable name is the Christmas cactus. This uncommon cactus has soft and rounded leaves with no spikes, so the accident-prone won’t get pricked if they get too close. This cactus also blooms pink flowers for a pop of color that is unique in beauty and thrives in diffused light.